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Latin America & Caribbean


Mountain range running down the west coast of South America
Found in Brazil, it's the largest river by volume in the world.
Most spoken language in Latin America
Cold, mountainous region in the south of South America
Caribbean country south of Cuba; English-speaking
Long, thin peninsula in northern Mexico
Home to Angel Falls, the world's highest waterfall
Large country containing most of the Amazon Rainforest; speaks Portuguese
Desert found in northern Chile
Overseas Department; considered part of France
Home to Machu Pichu; capital is Lima
This country has deserts in the north and forests in the south.
Pair of mountain ranges in northern Mexico
South America country that borders Panama
Site of famous canal linking Atlantic & Pacific
French-speaking nation that shares an island with the Dominican Republic
River that forms much of the border between the US & Mexico
Long thin country in South America
2nd largest country in South America; named for silver
Communist country; Fidel Castro was leader
Body of water lying between the Mexico, the US & Cuba
Highest mountain in South America
Central American country whose official language is English
Mountain range along South America's west coast
Country named for the equator