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Western Settlement, Gilded Age

US History 2017-2018
______ vs. Illinois: 1886 Supreme Court case which quashed states' attempts to regulate railroads
Tom ______, Georgia populist who "courted African-American voters"
Steel magnate Andrew _________
Oil and banking magnate John D. _________
James G. Blaine belonged to this Republican political faction.
Only U.S. president to win a second term after an electoral defeat.
"Going to the __________, ha ha ha!"
William Graham _________, American exponent of Social Darwinism
Grover Cleveland's political party
Founder of People's Party in 1892 in St. Louis, MO
Garlfield's assassin was one.
Caroline Schermerhorn _________, "old money" doyenne of N.Y. high society during the Gilded Age
_________ Antitrust Act of 1890
Anti-Democrat slur ("Rum, Romanism and Rebellion") damaged his election hopes in 1884
Author of extremely high tarrif, passed in 1890
_____ Vanderbilt, Gilded-Age social climber
Laissez ______: the belief that government should not interfere in economic affairs
Party comprised of farmers and urban wage laborers, formed in 1873; opposed gold standard
"Ma, ma, where's my _____?"
Reformist faction which supported Cleveland in 1884
Railroad king Cornelius _________
__________ Civil Service Reform Act, passed in 1883
_____ vs. Illinois: 1877 Supreme Court case which favored state regulation of railroads
Herbert _________, British exponent of Social Darwinism
Ida B. ______: journalist, anti-lynching activist
Capitalist J.P. _________, bailed out U.S. Treasurey in 1895
Large business combinations