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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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SC Civil War Vocabulary

Use your quizlet sheet for the unit and the wordbank to complete the crossword puzzle.  
The south believed that ________ were important. They did not want the federal government to be too powerful.
Abraham Lincoln was a _________ for president.
He was _______ with the land he had lived on all his life.
The _________ wanted slavery, but also to stay in the union.
The ________ of slavery were to keep the owners wealthy.
A ________ of the people in the US today believe that the Civil War was fought over State's Rights.
The ______ of the south relied on plantations using slaves.
A ________ of people call slaves immigrants.
The slaves _________ in the hot sun picking cotton.
As the US _______ there was an argument about new states allowing slavery.
South Carolina was the first state to _________, or leave the Union.
The ______ believed slavery was wrong.
The south wanted to break away from the U.S. and start a new country called the _________.
The abolitionist was _____ slavery.
When my friend didn't take her shoes off inside the house my mom was ______.
The United States was called the _______ during the Civil War.
The south was _____ slavery.
The northern states wanted to make owning slaves _______.