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The largest concentration camp center of the mass murder during the holocaust
Name for Japanese pilots who crashed planes full of bombs into US ships
Controlled camps by nazi Germany where the people would work under awful conditions
Japan's prime minister; ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor
A British statesman who led Britain through WWll
On June 6th the allied troops went across the English Channel to fight nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy and win the fight
A ruler who has complete control over a country
Event that took place on dec 7th where a fleet of Japanese planes flew into Hawaii and cause total destruction
Dictator of the Soviet Union who worked through his 5-Year plan
Laws that took citizenship away from Jews
The Japanese city that was hit by the second atomic bomb on Aug 8th
“Night of broken glass” nazis burned down everything
Italian Fascist dictator
The last offensive battle of the war
German nazi dictator during WWII
A military strategy that involved the US gradually attacking and defeating enemy controlled islands to get closer to the main land
Giving into the demands of Hitler to try and keep peace
Act that benifited the US economy by selling arms to allies
The Japanese city that got hit by the first bomb on Aug 6th
Short term bonds from the gov that wound up paying for 2/3 of the wars cost
"Lighting War" , a type of fast moving warfare
Period of time where a mass killing of people of the jewish race
Americans were encouraged to grow food to support the war effort
Slow stealthy battle type that relied on waiting
German secret police