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Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules

Martin Milburn, II
Greg has a crush on this girl.
Greg's not so nice name for his brother.
Money Greg and Rodrick receive for good behavior.
Greg and Rodrick stay at the retirement home with this family member
Name of Greg's friend who moved away and then moved back in town.
Book Greg writes his private thoughts.
Greg gave this to the new kid in school.
Greg's Dad mad him do this sport in the summer.
Rowley's last name.
Boys had to replace this after the party.
Last name of the author of the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books.
Greg and Rodrick learn brothers can be this.
Rowley wants to do this for the talent show.
Month Greg begins writing in his diary.
Greg became popular with the guys after he hid in the GIRLS this...
Greg's big brother.
Rodrick received an "F" grade in this class.
Name of Greg's younger brother.
Rodrick plays this instrument in his band.
Name of Rodrick's band.