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Physical Science Ch 10 Vocab

Electrical ______ don't allow electrons to move easily.
This law says that like charges repel
________ current flows in one direction through a conductor.
Electrical ______ involves continuously moving charges.
These allow limited electron flow or will conduct only under certain conditions.
An electrical ______ is a complete path from a source of electrons through a conductor and back.
A device that converts electrical energy to some other form of energy.
Collisions between flowing electrons and atoms in the conductor which slow down the electrons.
This law says that current is directly proportional to voltage.
Lightning and electrical shock are examples of electrical ______.
A force much stronger than gravity.
This current flows opposite to the flow of electrons.
If two wires touch causing the current to not follow the desired path.
Electrical _____ creates a charged region on a neutral object by exposing it to a strong electrical field.
This circuit has loads connected in separate branches.
This type of electricity is stationary
One or more electrochemical cells that supply electrons.
This type of circuit connects multiple loads one after the other.