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Sociology & Cultural Diversity- Review Crossword

Abstract human creations
Belief that the US differs from the rest of the world & has a unique role in history
Groups create these to enforce their culture values
Father of sociology
Ability to look beyond commonly held beliefs to hidden meanings behind human actions
Physical objects that people create & use
Shared products, beliefs, values & behaviors of a group
Study of human society & behavior
Ability to see connections between the larger world & your personal life
Sociology who focused on conflict between classes
Sociology developed in response to (and to analyze the problems associated with) this important revolution
Subculture that consciously rejects the values of the larger society & seeks to impose their views on the larger society
Judging another culture solely by the values & standards of one's own culture
Group of people organized in a such a way as to share a common culture & feeling of unity
Groups with unique features within larger society