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Biology - Humans on Earth

A place where a specific type of animal lives.
Happens when all of a species disappears.
Started and there was more food.
An invasive species to southern United States.
Were hunters and gathers.
A renewable energy source.
Caused by atmospheric gases like CO2.
Released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels.
Increasing average temperature of the Earth.
Dangerous for thousands of years.
Started because not everyone needed to raise food.
Caused by burning coal.
Renewable and nonrenewable.
Coal, oil and natural gas.
Anything that slows down the rate of a population growth.
With more food human _____ started to grow.
Caused a rapid decrease in Bald Eagle populations in the 1960's.
A good thing. Happens when lot of different types of organisms live in the same area.
Major type of air pollution.
Earth is a type of _______.