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The Characteristics of Seed Plants

A structure that covers the tip of a root, protecting the root from injury
Dandelions are an example of this type of plant
Mosses are an example of this group that has a tube like system that transport water and food
The process by which plants and some organisms capture sunlight for making food
This anchors the plants in the ground
Ferns are an example of this seedless group
The layer of cells in a plant that produces new phloem and xylem cells
The thin, root-like structure that anchors a moss and absorbs water and nutrients from the plant
A seed leaf that stores food
Another name for a fertilized egg
Small openings, (pores) in the underside of the leaf
The process by which water evaporates from the plant's leaves
The early growth stage of the embryo
The vascular tissue through which food moves
The vascular tissue through which water and nutrients move in plants