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Greek and Latin Roots

Literary Elements
Wishing evil or bad will for others.
A wish to do something bad to someone else; doing something that is wrong on purpose.
To cause to move forward.
A record player; a machine that reproduces sound.
To function imperfectly, fail to operate normally.
A movement forward in a company; a movement into a better position.
To move forward; to go; to follow through with an idea or plan.
The act of looking forward in anticipation of something to come.
A large room that accommodates an audience.
Harsh sounds; noisy or disturbing sounds.
To vibrate or repeat in sound; to correspond harmoniously.
A system using transmitted and reflected underwater sound waves.
A sickness or illness; bad health.
To draw out; to make something moving forward last longer.
Very bad or harmful; likely to cause death.
Stinky; having a bad smell.