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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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FSA Writing Activity

A fancy transition word
In your conclusion, where you refer back to your hook
The first paragraph of an essay
A two word phrase you might use to introduce a quote
Two words. The type of punctuation you put around a direct quote
Two words. What you use to cite your evidence
Spelling, grammar, and capitalization
Follows a quote and explains how the quote supports the topic
A supporting idea for your thesis. Listed in the intro and conclusion
A last, meaningful statement at the end of your conclusion
The first 2-4 sentences of your essay used to get your reader's attention
Support pulled from the provided passages
The number of points the essay is graded out of
____paragraph. This is where you cite and explain evidence
The first sentence of a body paragraph
The first word or two of each body paragraph and conclusion
The last paragraph of your essay
The main idea or claim of the essay