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a moon phase that looks like half a circle from Earth
"_________, we have a problem."
the border between light and dark on the Moon
For one object to circumnavigate another.
The highest low tide, and the lowest high tide of the month.
The degree to which orbits are not perfectly circular.
Adjective, of or pertaining to the moon
the relative size of things
All of the mass of an object can be said to exist at this one point.
Largest object in the solar system
Objects rotate about this imaginary line.
The planet you live on
Prefix for "star"
The amount of time it takes for the Earth to rotate once on its axis
When the sun is obscured by the moon
the nearly circular path a smaller object (like the Moon) travels around a larger object (like Earth)
Spring tides have a greater ______ between high and low tide.
an object, diagram, or computer program that helps us understand something by making it simpler or easier to see
To spread out evenly in all directions from a point, as the sun's energy does.
to shine light on an object and make it visible
The flat plane that represents the average plane that all of the objects in our solar system exist in.
a rocky sphere that travels around a planet
a moon phase that looks like a full circle from Earth
The airplane which flies passengers in a smooth, parabolic arc such that gravity appears to be cancelled out.
The mechansim that was found in the Mediterranean Sea that was used to predict eclipses
It takes about this much time for one complete cycle of lunar phases.
Type of moon you would expect during a neap tide
when the Moon is completely dark
Adjective, of or pertaining to the sun
the shape of the illuminated part of the Moon as it appears from Earth
Gravitation between two objects depends on mass and this.
a moon phase that looks like less than half a circle from Earth
the amount of time it takes for a planet to complete one orbit around a star or stars
a moon phase where the Moon is not visible from the Earth
the sun, the planets that orbit the sun, and other objects that orbit the sun
the highest high tide of the month, and the lowest low tide.
The rising and falling levels of the ocean in comparison with the bodies of land on Earth.
Another prefix for "star"
Similar to sunrise, it is the first appearance that the Moon makes over the Earth's horizon, and as such it is relative to the geographical position of the observer.
a moon phase that looks like more than a half circle from Earth
a large, bowl-shaped cavity in the ground or on the surface of a planet or the moon, typically one caused by an explosion or the impact of a meteorite or other celestial body
The one star in the night sky that does not appear to rotate. The "North Star".
One type of moon you'd expect to see during a spring tide
A measure of the angle at which objects are not aligned in a plane.
the star that is the main source of light at the center of our solar system