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Fossil Fuels 2 and PP Earth Science

Raw petroleum that can be distilled into gasoline, asphalt, etc
Oil residue you never want to find in your drinking water
When two energy products are utilized from the combustion of a single fuel (heat and electricity)
Abundant coal with high heat but also high sulfur content
Their boundaries are where many fossil fuel deposits are found
The legal sale of one ton of sulfur dioxide
Organization that controls about three fours of the world's oil; infamous for the 1973 oil embargo
Process that turns coal into natural gas prior ot combustion to generate electricity
Deadliest and most expensive form of mining
Liquid or gas fossil fuels derived from solids such as coal
Combustible mixture of hydrocarbons found in shale
Liquid rock layer that lies below the lithosphere
This oil transportation method spills less oil than transporting oil by train
Last major volcanic eruption in the US along the Cascades
Because ancient vegetation is deposited along the sea floor, these rocks are key to finding fossil fuel deposits
The addition of basic lime to acidic SO2 to remove sulfur from coal gases
Just like metamorphic rocks, these twin geologic forces are key to fossil fuel formation
Physical property that determines the order of petroleum distillation
The long term nature of fossil fuels
Compressed coal becomes this pencil lead
Abundant ore that is source of aluminum
Natural gas and flatulence ingredient