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The French Revolution

What Louis XVI was trialed for in 1793
Louis XVI's finance minister
Religion practiced by many French people during the revolution
French military leader during the revolution
Queen of France during the revolution
King of France during the revolution
Group of poor citizens that made up 97% of France's population
Weapon storage that also served as a political prison
Marie Antoinette's country of birth
France's form of government before the revolution
Way of thinking that drove many people towards the idea of a revolution
Capitol of France
Leader of the Jacobins
Invention used to decapitate people
Country that Louis XVI and Mario Antoinette tried to escape to.
Location of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette's palace
What Marie Antoinette refused to have with Louis XVI
One of the most influential enlightenment thinkers during the revolution
Robespierre's city of birth
Food that was often stolen by poor citizens