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Hotel Rooms and Division Operations

Teacher: Professor Glenda Evans
Revenue per available room
A client whose company has established credit with a certain hotel. Charges are posted to the city ledger and accounts are sent once or twice monthly.
An employee who works at the front desk to register guests; supplies rates, information, and guest reports.
The person in charge of accounting and money-related topics.
Considered a back-of-the-house department; responsible for cleaning and servicing guest rooms.
Practice of analyzing past reservation patterns, room rates, cancellations, and no-shows in an attempt to maximize profits and occupancy rates and to set the most competitive room rates.
The various rates charged for hotel rooms.
A uniformed employee of a hotel who has a desk in the lobby or on special concierge floors and answers questions, solves problems, and performs the services of a private security for the hotel's guests.
A report prepared each day to provide essential performance information for a particular property to its management.
Plans to maximize guest and property safety in the event of a disaster.
Person who verifies and balances guests' accounts