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The Science and Uses of Gold

Gold is a ________metal because it can bond with other metals.
The word, ______, is used to describe the purity of gold.
_________ is often mistaken for gold.
The geologic process of an ________can create gold.
______is the "hardrock" where gold is deposited.
Gold can be formed when _____ are being formed.
Gold ______at 5,162 F.
The Latin word for gold is_____
One theory says gold is formed when ____cools and granite is formed.
Gold is the 79th______
__________gold is created by erosion.
AU is the _______symbol for gold.
Gold is used to make _______for astronauts.
Gold will not ________like silver.
Gold can also be found in the form of ________.
Black Sand is where you can find ________gold.
Gold can be found in the form of ______.
There are several ________on how gold is formed.
Hot water through fractures in gold bearing rocks can create_______
Gold is soft and _________.
Gold does not_______.
Gold can cure ____.
Gold does not ______with other elements.
Gold is a good ______of electricity.