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Old Testament 1115

The prophet who went to Jeroboam
Discouragement is a tool of Satan
Number of years to build the temple
Jeroboam was crowned here
Hard at work when the Lord called him.
David's nephew and army general
Sought council from the young men
Solomon's downfall
Jehoshaphat was this kind of king
The widow who helped Elijah lived here
Elisha healed this of poison
Elisha called these to attack the mockers
Capital of Israel
Micaiah was sent here because he prophesied against Ahab
The god of Fertility and rain
Chapter 1:8 tells us not to accept messages, from angels, that differ from the Bible
Sulked because he could not get Naboth's vineyard
The kings of the Northern Kingdom of Israel were all..
The woman whose son was raised by Elisha was a ...
God spoke to Elijah in a small, still ......
Number of kings in Southern Kingdom (Judah)
They brought Elijah food
Major city in Syria
A prophet from Gilead
The true prophet summoned by Jehoshaphat
The wife of Ahab
The Queen Solomon loved was from here
He dipped 7 times in the Jordan river
Elijah outran Ahab's ...
Jeroboam made golden
They were brought in by Solomon's wives
When Jezebel died, they ate her
Popular idol of Solomon's pagan wives
His wife disguised herself and went to Ahaijah
David's second son
Capital of Judah
The number of pieces the cloth was cut into by Ahaijah
700 was the number of solomon's ...
The place is rough and Rugged!
The good king of Judah who bribed Syria
Often sent as a judgement upon sinful people
The Hill on which Samaria was built was bought by him
David's first son
Another name for City of David.
The mountain on which the contest between God and Baal occurred
The current name for Sheeba is probably ...
Solomon wanted to cut this in two