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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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DC 46 Latin Roots Actions Set

Think about each root and each word meaning. A few words may need a suffix like -ed or -ing added.
The _______ lived in cabin off by himself deep in the woods and rarely had visitors.
We rushed him to the hospital when we realized that his __________had ruptured.
The excessive consuming of pizza made her stomach __________ from bloat.
Because Jim suffers from anxiety, he frequently has fears of ________ disaster.
The Girl Scout ___________ Ceremony was taking place at the local meeting hall.
The ___________of the school district announced that there would be a snow day tomorrow!
The athlete hoped the increased training would allow him to _______Olympic records.
I inherited a gold _________ necklace that had been passed down for many generations.
When you invite a classmate to sit with you or play with you, that means you are being __________.
Have you ever been __________ by aliens and been taken to another planet?
The argument began to _________as the two students started to yell at one another.
The clock's ________ swung back and forth until it chimed midnight.
Voting rights pertain to everyone but may _________ imprisoned men and women from this privilege.
As the strongest ____ of the human body, the Achilles, connects the lower leg muscles to the calf and foot.
She arrived at this conclusion by logical ______ from the clues that were given.
Because Judith talked down on others, her peers viewed her as a rude and _______ woman.
After the performance, the ___________ of the orchestra received a standing ovation from the audience.
It will take several months for the city to clean up the __________damage caused by the hurricane.
Above sea-level; the mountains _______ abruptly in spurs of 6000 to 10,000 ft.
We were tucked away in a _______ corner of the room.