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Rachel and Peter

Peter's sister
Wedding venue
Color of bride & groom's eyes
Peter's new cooking toy
Something old, something new, something...
Peter makes Rachel's heart ___
Rachel's pet name for Peter
Peter's brother
Flavor of their wedding cake
Where Peter works
Path to wedding
Peter's high school sport
He asked and she said ___
Male attendant of groom
How Rachel & Peter met
Of weddings
Pose to propose
How excited the couple is to get married
What Rachel & her brother like to do.
Couple's honeymoon destination
Rachel's high school sport
A favorite outing
Male partner in marriage
Dearly ____
Rachel's bachelorette held here
Wedding toast drink
Wedding ____, comedy film
Where Peter grew up
Peter's bachelor party held here
Female partner in marriage
Rachel & Peter's special type of date
Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Bride's favorite color
Julia Roberts was a ____Bride
The Wedding Singer Adam
Rachel's middle name
Number of years Rachel & Peter dated
Rachel's brother
Part of bride's wedding garb