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Unit Five - Psychology 101

A 4 month-old's speech stage
Presenting something to get desired effect
Smallest speech units that carry meaning
When test measures or predicts what it is supposed to
Decision-making that is made "by the seat of your pants"
Predict ability to learn a new skill
IQ < 70 and limitations on adaptive behavior
Simple step-by-step procedure for problem solving
When a test produces similar results upon replication
Search for information that supports our preconceptions
System of rules that enable us to communicate
Mental grouping of similar objects, events, ides, or people
Brain area for speech generation
This intelligence decreases as we age
Distribution pattern of general population's IQ tests
Reflect what you have learned
Brain area for speech comprehension
Smallest distinctive language sound unit
The ability to string 2 words together
This intelligence increases as we age
All mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating
Originally created the WAIS
Mental ability to learn from experience
Spoken, written, or signed words and their meanings
Presenting something so that it evokes a desired judgment