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Earth and Space Science

A huge group of stars and space dust
A place where sections earths crust move relative to each other
The distance between one peak of a wave to the next corrisponding peak
The process of earths surface being worn away
3rd planet from the sun
The darkest part of a shadow cast by earth, the moon, or another body during an eclipse
The sun and all the objects that orbit around it
A liquid layer composed of iron and nickel
The 2 sub layers of the earths crust
Brief changes in the height of ocean surface
Part of earths crust; supports life
Wet climate
Colorless, odorless, reactive gas composed of 3 oxygen atoms; in earths stratosphere
The region of earth between the core and the crust
A line in which a rotating body turns
Occur when the moon passes directly behind earth
A huge mass of ice and snow
All the waters on earths surface
Envelope surrounding earth
Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure
The resistance of an object to any change in its motion
Warm climate
A fan shape deposit
Change into the frequency of sound, light, and water waves
A region of space where nothing can escape
Outer most layer of earth
Cold climate
Solid earth
Where all the planets, star and galaxies are found
When the sun passes directly over the equator
A force which pulls object towards each other