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Building Spelling Skills Week 27

present only in small amounts: less than necessary or normal
no longer used because something newer exists
able to be trusted to do or provide what is needed
very old: having lived or existed for a very long time
having or showing hope for the future: expecting good things to happen: hopeful
tending to ask questions: having a desire to know or learn more
suitable or appropriate: pleasant and enjoyable
actual, real, or true: not false or fake
using more of something than is needed
causing feelings of sadness and sympathy
very small or too small in amount
feeling or showing strong and energetic support for a person, cause, etc.
so large or great that it amazes you
extremely silly or unreasonable
very small: tiny
arriving or doing something at the expected or planned time
unpleasant in a way that makes people feel offended, annoyed, or disgusted
existing or occurring in large amounts