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Washington State Department of Agriculture

_____ Farms produce over 300 commodities
95% are ______ farms
___ Oil is a #1 produced in US
___16-101 WAC regulates Milk products
There are 35,900+ ____ in Washington State
Washington State Department of _____
Growing crops without pesticides
WSDA __ and Developing WA Food Industry
# 2 commodity grown in WA
Top commodity grown in WA
$813 Million; 2016 value of production
WSDA mission
Most crops are grown in ___ WA
WSDA conducts ___ for food safety
$704 Million 2016 crop value
Agricultural __ educate youth
To grow this crop you need a license
WSDA is the guidance and ___ agency
This WSDA program regulates Fertilizer
WSDA has an ____ Feed Program
Leading the nation in producing this crop
Food ___ program protects public health