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Spanish Colonization of Hispaniola

The individual who led the conquest of Jamaica was ___
The New Laws to protect the Indians were passed through the influence of this individual ____ (surname)
This item did not grow well in the West Indies.
The first laws passed in the New World by Spain were the ____
This was an important way of making money in Hispaniola
Enslavement raids were made in ______ (place)to acquire new Tainos to labour on the Spanish plantation in Hispaniola
The population of Hispaniola increased due to this.
The Spanish conquistador who colonized Puerto Rico was ___
The aim of the governor, who ruled Hispaniola from 1502- 1506, was to produce enough of this item.
The governor who brought law and order to Hispaniola in 1502 was ___
The grant of natives for labour in exchange for the trust of educating and christianizing them was called the ____ system..
The individidual who led the conquest of Cuba was _____
Epidemics of __ helped to complete the total destruction of Tainos in Hispaniola.
This crop along with sugar cane was brought to the Caribbean from the Canary Islands.
Hispaniola became a ____from which the Spanish exploration and conquest of other islands such as Cuba was made.
With the conquest of Puerto Rico, Taino villages in the countryside were replaced with ____, sugar plantations and cattle ranches.
The division or parcelling out of natives to the Spaniards was called _____.
These were not built in Taino villages.
This crop brought by the Spaniards grew well in the wetter areas of the Caribbean.
This was the citrus fruit which was not brought to the Caribbean by the Spaniards.