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God is...

Held children of Israel captive for 7 years
Gideon asked God to show he was with Gideon by keeping it dry overnight Judges 6:39
Youngest son of Joash, "destroyer" Judges 6:11
God is our provider, Genesis 22:14
God is our banner, Exodus 17:15
In the hand of the angel of the Lord Judges 6:21
"bound together" or "whole"
False deity that the Caanites had made an alter for,Gideon cast it down Judges 6:30
Called on by God to part the Red Sea
Jesus's words to calm the sea Mark 4:39
God is our healer, Exodus 15:26
Heard a still small voice I Kings 19:12
Hebrew word for peace
Rose from the rock where Gideon placed the offering Judges 6:21