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Abraham and Lot

Abraham was this in cattle, gold and silver (Gen. 13:2)
They told Lot and his family to leave Sodom. (Gen. 19:15)
Lot's wife became this when she looked back. 3 words. (Gen. 19:26)
The other city that was destroyed by the Lord.
This from Sodom and Gomorrah was grievous to Lord. (Gen. 18:20)
He let Lot choose the land he wanted. (Gen. 13:8-9)
When they separated Abraham, lived in this land. (Gen. 13:12)
When they separated, Lot chose the land facing this city. (Gen. 13:12)
One of the cities destroyed by the Lord.
Abraham was worried that these people would be destroyed with the wicked. (Gen. 18:22-24)
The Lord commanded Abraham and Lot to leave this place. (Gen. 13:1)
Abraham did this when he heard Lot was captured. (Gen. 14:14-16)