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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Jenna Bowden
Weather of different seasons and average temperatures through the year
Birth, marriage, maturity, employment, retirement, death and how these are treated
Wars, invasions, revolutions, famines, and disasters in the past
Particular style and design of buildings
Interesting, unusual and specialty dishes of the culture and the style of cooking
The terrain and features of the land - mountains, rivers, coastline, size of the area
Attitudes to family, money, children, honesty, superstition, animals
Spoken, written and signed communication
How you should eat, dress, drive, greet people, socialize, how you treat people
Political system, types of government, education, legal system, finance industry
Public holidays, feast days, festivals, anniversaries - things that are passed down to new generations
Music, theatre, film, paintings, opera, literature
Faith or belief system