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Geological Phenomena

Movement where two plates move toward each other.
When an oceanic plate sinks under a continental plate it forms a ________.
The Appalachian mountains and the Mauritanides mountains are the same ___, suggesting that they were once part of the same mountain chain.
Wegener studied these and noticed that the continents fit together like a puzzle.
Pollution in the atmosphere may decrease the pH of rain water causing ________.
When broken pieces of rock settle at the bottom of the ocean.
When mountains are formed by a tectonic plate convergence.
The theory that earth's continents are moving: Continental _____
This step in erosion brings broken pieces of rock to the oceans.
In a ________ zone, a volcano may form because it allows magma to rise up from the mantle and pour out slowly.
Orogenesis is related to why type of plate movement?
Which type of plate movement is most likely to cause a volcano where magma pours out slowly?
The same _______ were found in South America and Africa; suggesting that the two continents were once joined together.
When water moves from the oceans/rivers into the atmosphere.
When water freezes and thaws, leaving holes, this is an example of _______.
This force, in the earth's mantle, causes the tectonic plates to move.
When water vapour moves high into the troposphere, and cools down, creating clouds.
This step in erosion includes wind, water, the freeze-thaw cycle, and glacier movement.
Where magma is stored in a volcano.
When water vapour becomes too heavy to remain in the atmosphere and falls to the ground.
When hot magma rises and cool magma falls down in the mantle.
When we feel the Earth's tectonic plates move.
Movement where two plates move apart.
Rain water returns to the earth's oceans and rivers.
Which type of plate movement is most likely to cause a violent volcano?
Oceanic ridges are formed when two tectonic plates are undergoing this type of movement.
Which type of plate movement is least likely to cause an earthquake?
When two oceanic plates converge, a volcano is rarely formed. Instead an oceanic ______ is formed.
A subduction zone is cause by what type of plate movement?
Movement where two plates slide against each other.
The name of Earth's supercontinent 220 million years ago.
A mountain with a pointed peak is young compared to mountains with rounded peaks. The rounded peaks are created by millions of more years of _______.
Which type of plate movement is most likely to cause an earthquake?