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Astronomy terms from videos and chapter 22

The motion of the Earth's axis as it traces out a circle in the sky
Long channels similar valleys on the moon
The study of the properties in space and the laws under which the ___________ operates is known as astronomy.
The lunar surface that contains mountain ranges
How much of the moon is illuminated at all times
What season is the Earth orbit closest to the sun?
A type of telescope that has to so with multiple lenses
If it had not been for solar eclipses we would not have known about these
This is when the Earth is furthest away from the sun
Copernicus believed that this model of the universe was correct.
150,000,000 km is called this (2)
The model of which the Earth was the center of the universe
This is how many times farther away the sun is from Earth the from the Moon (2)
One of the 3 phases in which the moon evolved (2)
The term for an opening that permits light into a camera or telescope
The first video of a solar eclipse occurred in 19__ __
An attraction between two masses
One of the reasons that the moon is so extreme in temperature (2)
Eclipses can happen around other _______
Planets' orbits are not round. They are _______
This is when the Earth is closest to the sun.
This person came up with the law of universal gravitation. (2)
A westward drift in an orbit that is not normal with planets. (2)
When the Earth goes around the sun once a year is called
Why don't Venus and Mercury have solar eclipses ? (2)
A type of telescope that has to do with light beams bouncing off mirrors
The position where the moon is closest to the moon
One of the scientist that believed that the sun orbits the Earth.
Round depressions in the moons surface
Changes in the amount of the moon that appears lit from Earth