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Band X-ing

Lowest Brass instrument
A note that is one beat
Tongue the first note, but not the rest
A note that is half of a beat
Gradually get louder
Just a bigger black woodwind instrument
Italian for Volume
Add the note values together
An F Brass instrument
A note that is 2 beats
Best Brass instrument! (Mr. Rabenold's biased)
Quality of Sound
A Bass Clef Double Reed instrument
A Bb brass instrument
A signature that looks like 4/4 at the beginning of the piece
A "C" Woodwind instrument
Style that is short, separated, and bouncy!
Gradually get softer
The instruments everyone wants to hit.....but isn't allowed too
Full length and connected
A Bb Woodwind instrument
Short and separated
A note that takes up the measure
Treble clef double reed instrument
A signature that looks like flats an sharps at the beginning of each line