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7th Grade Social Studies Standards Words

Russian dictator during WWII
Social class made up of everyone not of the 1st or 2nd Estates; paid all of the taxes in the land
Belief in a strong military
Economic system where machines do the work that humans or animals once performed
To give help or assistance
Soviet plan of reforming government and economic ideas
Soviet policy allowing for free discussion of political and social ideas
Political system in which the head of state is a king or queen who rules according to a constitution
Basic laws of a state that define the role of government and guarantee its obligation to the people
Anti-Church Teachings
Pride in one's country and culture
Basic rights given to all people
Part of government that interprets laws
Agreements between countries to help one another in time or war
One nation controls another nation in order to build empire
Increase of people moving to and living in cities
The part of government that passes laws
Political system in which a ruler has total power
German dictator during WWII; wanted to create a master race
Preventing the spread of communism beyond its existing borders
Social class made up of Aristocrats or nobles; paid no taxes
Money and goods used to help people make or do things
Extreme nationalism; superiority of one race over others