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Science 2

The concentration of ozone in the stratosphere; protects earth from harmful ultraviolet rays
The uppermost layer of the atmosphere; very thin and very hot air
If warm and cool air collide, the warm air will be forced up
A powerful funnel-shaped column of spiraling air
A boundary between air masses that don't move possibly causing rain for several days
Air passing over warm surfaces gains
Use to classify a tornado based on wind speed and damage
The largest source of human caused pollution in the United States
12 to 50 km, ozone held here absorbs UV radiation
A body of air with horizontally uniform temperature, humidity and pressure
Weather phenomenon caused when warm water from the western pacific ocean flows eastward; milder winter temperatures and less snow than usual
The temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins.
A warming of earths surface and the air above it
Cloud formation that occurs when warm moist air is forced to rise up the side of a mountain
The layer closet to earth where almost all weather occurs; the thinnest layer
The abnormal rise of the sea along a shore a result of strong winds
An irregularly recurring upwelling of unusally cold water to the ocean surface along the western coast or South America
A percentage of the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold at its current temperature
The mass of air surrounding the earth
A usually break, heavy storm that consists of rain, strong winds, lightening and thunder
50 to 80 km, most meteorites burn up here
A front where warm air moves over cold air
A front where cold air moves in under warm air mass
A large powerful winstorm that forms over warm ocean waters