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5th Grade Vocabulary

A special event
To address or to set apart for some purpose
Not often
Careful about avoiding danger or risk
The highest point; the peak
Permission or power to enter
Occurring or following by turns
To get by effort
Being the same as another
To withhold something from
A leader; supporter of a cause
Fit to be trusted
To become destroyed or ruined
To get around; move
One that accompanies another
To be extremely joyful
To reproach or challenge in a insulting manner
To act or work clumsily
Capable of being carried or moved about
Producing a strong or clear impression
A plan of action or policy to achieve an overall aim
To stop the breathing of
Not relying on someone else
Fit to be eaten
To stop temporarily
To slip away
Unconcern or indifference
A cause or source of harm
Using resources carefully and not wastefully
To keep safe from injury, harm or destruction