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Science Review Terms

Use ScienceSaurus as a resource if you get stuck.
positively-charged particle located in the nucleus of an atom
animal, such as a lion, that kills and eats other animals (prey)
molten rock material pushed up from a volcano or crack in the Earth; magma that has reached the surface
molten rock that makes up Earth’s mantle and becomes igneous rock when it cools
negatively charged particle found outside the nucleus of an atom
stored energy an object has because of its position or shape
in an atom, particle with a neutral charge; located in the nucleus
rock that has been changed over time by high pressures and temperatures inside Earth’s crust
rock formed when sediment is pressed and cemented together naturally, over millions of years
chemical process by which plants use light energy to make sugar from water and carbon dioxide
smallest particle into which an element can be divided and still have the properties of that element
an object’s speed and direction at a given instant
the material found in a cell’s nucleus, that determines the genetic traits of the organism
crack within Earth’s rocky crust, where rock has been fractured, and where rocks move past each other
energy an object or particle has because it is moving
one of the three main kinds of rock, made from cooled magma
an animal that feeds only on plants, such as a deer
segment of DNA, found on a chromosome, that determines the inheritance of a particular trait