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Biology, Module # 11 p. 342.

The larval detached stage of the jellyfish
Released into the water column during sexual reproduction.
Stinging cells that contain toxins
The sea urchin has this type of symmetry
Flagellated cells that push water through a sponge.
How does a planula move?
In the Phylum Cnidaria
Radial symmetry
Phylum of sponges
The free swimming stage of the Cnidarians.
Produces stone like structure to live in, made of calcium carbonate
Form of asexual reproduction.
Genus of jellyfish
Support network of a sponge
Specialized cells that take care of digestion.
Jellylike substance that separates the epidermis from the inner cells in a sponge.
The outer layer of organisms of sponges
The sessile form of the stinging celled organisms
Phylum of stinging celled organisms