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US Constitution Review #2

Compromise between large and small states; creates 3 branches government
McCullough v Maryland – A state government did not have the power to tax the _____________ government
1215, limited the power of the King of England
What did Marbury v. Madison (1803) establish
Dred Scott v. Sanford – Supreme Court decision stating that Scott (a slave) was considered ______________, not a citizen, and had no right to bring a lawsuit asking for his freedom
First representative assembly in the colonies
Written plan of government for the new nation that created the framework for the government (1787)
1787 meeting in Philadelphia that met to revise Articles of Confederation
Amendment that granted citizenship to everyone born in the US
power is divided into three branches
1620, agreement signed by the men of the Mayflower to establish self-government and majority rule.
Anti-federalists that was strongly against Constitution because it didn't have a bill of rights and he feared it gave national government too much power
First 10 amendments to the Constitution that guarantees individual rights is called the ____ __ ______
A weakness under the Articles of Confederation was that it had no branch
Supported ratification of the Constitution
Unalienable rights - life, ______ and the pursuit of happiness
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut was the first written ______________ in the colonies
Supported ratification of the Constitution
_____ _______ of law means certain procedures must be carried out according to established rules before a person can be punished
Amendment guarantees that people have other rights, not just individual rights
Gave black men the right to vote
Gibbons v. Ogden – allowed federal government to regulate trade between the ________.
Northwest Ordinance was the main accomplishment of the Articles of Confederation. It set up a way for admitting new ___________