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Greece Unit - Key Terms Quiz

Name ____________________________________
Date _____________________________________
Block ______
Highest mountain in Greece; believed to be the home of the Greek Gods and Goddesses
Another name for a city-state
A form of government where the power rests with the people
A city located in what is now called Turkey; site of the mythical Trojan Wars
An absolute ruler unrestrained by laws or constitution
King of Macedonia who conquered Greece, Persia, Egypt
Father of Medicine
Ruler of Athens in the Golden Age
A form of government ruled by a king or queen
Private teacher of Alexander the Great
Most Powerful Greek city-state; capital of present-day Greece
Site of a famous Greek battle; another word for a really long race
Greek Storyteller who wrote fables
Peninsula in east-central Greece; Athens is located here
Blind poet that wrote The Iliad and the Odyssey
Ancient kingdom ruled by Alexander the Great
A government where the power is in the hands of the few; usually wealthy people
Largest island in Greece
The study of the nature of knowledge and the principles of morals
The Greek marketplace
Large Southern peninsula; Sparta is located here
A word that means "high city"; hill in ancient Athens that was the site of the Parthenon
Greek Philosopher who discussed laws, customs, values and religion; sentenced to death
An inhabitant of a city or town; could vote
A part of a body of water that is protected and deep enough to offer anchorage
Largest Greek city-state; known for their powerful army