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Algebra 2 crossword

A symbol, usually a letter that represents a number.
A set of basic functions used as building blocks for more complicated functions
An expression that can be written as a polynomial divided by a polynomial
A statement that two algebraic expressions are related to but not equal
An equation with the variable in an exponent
The stuff on the outside of the root.
Making an equation less complex
A non negative number that must be multiplied times itself to equal a given number
A quantity representing the power to which a given number or expression is to be raised to
A mathematical sentence built from expressions using one or more equal signs
An equation which has a rational expression on one or both sides of the equal sign
The common factor of each term of an expression
The stuff on the inside of the root.
An equation with a variable in the denominator of a fraction
A quantity whose value does not change
A polynomial with two terms
Terms that contain identical variables with identical exponents
A monomial or the sum of monomials
The constant factor of a monomial
The symbol which is used to indicate square roots or nth roots