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IB Biology Vocab - 5.1

Similar organs but different functions.
An evolutionary pattern in which many species evolve from a single ancestral species
A group of similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring.
characteristics that are transmitted from generation to generation, such as eye colour
change over time
Range of small differences in a shared trait
characteristics that have either one phenotype or another eg tongue rolling, eye colour etc.
A limb with five digits Homologous strcuture: 5-boned limb found in many species, evolved (adapted) for different uses.
The breeding of organisms for desired characteristics
when two or more species sharing a common ancestor become more different over time
Breeding organisms with specific traits in order to produce offspring with identical traits.
A group of individuals that belong to the same species and live in the same area
overproduction of pigment melanin leads to dark color morph
A trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock.