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WG7 Vocabulary Crossword- REG

Idea that all Arabic-speaking countries should cooperate and join together
Small loan
Organization formed in 2002 to promote unity among African states and to foster development and end poverty
Body of public works, such as roads, bridges, and hospitals, that a country needs to support a modern economy
Official South African government policy of keeping white and black South Africans apart
Illegal hunting
Policy by which one country seeks to rule other areas
Process of creating an empire by taking over other areas
Life-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes and caused by parasites
Tourism that focuses on the environment and seeks to minimize environmental impact
Group that operates with private funding
Political and social movement that sought to unite black Africans across the globe
Attitude that one's own social or cultural group is better than all others
Land than can be used for farming
Egyptian system of writing using pictures and other symbols
Idea that government should be separate from religion
Attempt to destroy a whole population