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Colorado Crosswords for May 2018

Where you might expect to find the ship's captain
Crunches and sit-ups develop these
Mayberry role
Happenin' place in Boulder
Mary Todd's guy
Big foot's size
________ Pass, near the Colorado border
No! In Aberdeen
Tuner on a radio
Waterway near Durango, Colorado
Music genre of Jamaica and a precursor of "reggae"
RMNP activity
American silversmith and patriot: Paul ________
Turner or Fey
Alabama city at the heart of marches and demonstrations in Civil Rights struggle
Sir Walter Scott knight
Happenin' place in Denver
Internet service provider of old, briefly
Cash cache', perhaps
"I cried because I had no shoes until ______ ______ a man who had no feet."
Lobby gp. for public school teachers
Larimer County neighbor of Estes Park" Glen ________
Forte of Groucho Marks and Mark Twain
He was wearing a Rolex, but was ______ ______?
"_______ pro nobis" (Latin prayer)
"I escaped using _____ _____ _____ _____ behind the bookcase."
Floral ring
A rioter, often
Bone next to the radius
Good ideas for a recent immigrant to take (abbr.)
Quiet, reserved
Chore or assigned work
Crosby sidekick and co-star, often
Fencer's weapon
Pants on fire!
Logan County locale' named for the many sheep in the area
_______ Angeles
Art deco artist/fashion designer
Very dry, withered
Swim wear maker
Common place, ordinary
"I smell _____ _____" (Become suspicious)
CSU football coach
"Children should be ______, not heard!" (English proverb)
Dog restraint
_______ and well!
One hour of a continuing TV sitcom or drama, perhaps
A potential danger in the home _____ ______ gas
Hawaiian isle
"I like ______," political slogan of the 50's
"Whoa, _______"
It marked the acceptance of Germany's surrender in WWII
Film spool
Betty Crocker direction
Chamber found at Mesa Verde
"________ Get Your Gun"
Dad's best friend
Song books found in the pews
" _____ _____ by land, two..."
Logan County site near the South Platte River
How to have a carefree dinner
Mark Twain described a "mine" as a ______ in the ground owned by a # 3 down
Greek god of war
Home to Mikaela and Lindsey
Small amount
Allowance for waste in transit after the tare is deducted
Island dance
Overnight rest stops
State which hosts the largest motorcycle rally each year
Buck's gal
Anger or bad temper