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Roman Empire Review

Often considered the greatest emperor of Rome; ruled for 19 years.
Structures built and paid for by the government and used by the public.
The founder of Christianity that was killed by the Romans.
The belief in many gods.
The name given to any people who lived outside the borders of the Roman Empire.
The language spoken by the Romans.
One of the oldest, but smallest religions in the world.
Ten rules or laws created for Christians.
The capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.
The largest religion in the world.
A person engaged in a fight to the death as public entertainment for ancient Romans.
Pax Romana means "Roman _____________".
One of the oldest, but smallest religions in the world.
Raised tunnels used to carry water from the mountains to the cities.
The first Roman Emperor.
This building was built to honor all of the gods.
The goddess of love and beauty.
The king of the gods and god of thunder and lighting. He was the Patron God of Rome.
The first Christian emperor of Rome.
The belief in one god.
These were built to make travel easier for the Roman Army.
The ruler of an empire.
A group of Roman soldiers.
He split the empire into two parts.
A place built for chariot races.
Stories that tell of gods, heroes, and events that a group believes.
To treat (someone) cruelly or unfairly especially because of race or religious or political beliefs.
The Roman golden age during the first 200 years of the Roman Empire.
Roman Emperor thought to have burned down part of Rome.
The first Roman Emperor.
These were used by the Romans to stay clean, but also places to socialize with others.