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5th Grade Math Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Ms. Schroyer
A # of groups that can be made out of the dividend.
Has exactly two factors, 1 and the number itself.
A way of representing repeated multiplication by the same factor.
A # multiplied by itself results in this.
The answer in a multiplication problem.
Has more than two factors.
When a #can be divided by another # and the result is 0.
A counting number written as a product of two or more of its counting number factors other than 1.
A number that multiplied by itself is n. - for example, 4 because 4x4=16
The key used on a calculator to help you find the exponent.
A counting number written as a product of prime-number factors.
The number left over in a division problem if the numbers do not divide evenly.
The answer in a division problem
Both numbers being multiplied in a multiplication problem.
A small raised number used in exponential notation to tell how many times the base is used as a factor.
A number being multiplied in a multiplication problem.
The whole # in a division problem that will be divided into equal parts.