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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Science Test

                                                              Judah Silverman
                                                                        7A Science
What does a plant cell have that normal cells don't have?
Invertebrates ____ have a backbone.
The stigma is the ______ part.
Hepatophyta are _________.
The only kingdom of organisms to include _________ is kingdom Monera.
Amoebas have a ________ to help move.
Viruses are not _____.
How many cells do yeasts have?
What does E.R. stand for?
Are bacteria prokaryotic or eukaryotic?
What is the percentage of helpful bacteria?
Diploid cells contain ____ of the DNA.
What is the common name for kingdom Monera.
There are _____ invertebrate families.
viruses are not a _______.
Antibiotics ___ kill viruses.
Dinoflagellate have how many flagella?
What is bryophyta?
There are over ______ species of plants.
Diatoms have ______ to keep them buoyant.
What do vascular plants that non-vascular plants don't have?
What are the white fuzzy things on a mushroom called?
What three things are needed for photosynthesis?
There are ___ steps to a virus infection
Dinoflagellate are _________.
The three categories of protists are _______.
Anthertophyta are _________.
The seed producing plant Coniferophyta are:
Haploid cells have ____ of the DNA.
how many different shapes do bacteria come in?