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Renaissance & Reformation Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: Phoebe Gilmore
He was born in France,became a leading figure in the Reformation, and wrote the Institutes of Christian Religion & commentaries on many books of the Bible
Was a pastor, teacher, and theologian in England, produced 1st English bible
A common spoken language
A paper that granted pardon from the punishment of sin
To take back
A church court set up to find and punish heretics
Known as the Father of Humanism
A major conflict over religion between Catholic and Protestant forces of the Church (last religious war)
Courses reaching a long range of human interests and experiences
Ninety-five points of disagreement against the Roman Church
Issued by Henry IV, granting rights for French protestants
The society of Jesus, were founded to stop the spread of the Reformation
States that humans are the center of the universe
An Italian Renaissance man best known for his work, the Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper
Those who baptize again
An Italian author who wrote a book on social behavior (etiquette)
A famous chapel in Rome
A friend of Erasmus, wrote Utopia
French protestants
An Italian artist best known for his work, the Sistine Chapel