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Sort 41 - Latin roots

Teacher: Jamie
Assemble, come together for a meeting or activity
A wide road, usually with trees on each side
When lots of people come together for a meeting OR how something is usually done
A group of people separated by different (religious) beliefs
A line (or road) that cuts an area into separate parts
A point where (two or more) things are joined
A secret plot
To sweat through the skin
To cut into 3 parts
A part of something
To die - by giving your last breath
Something that is joined on but is not essential
To cut into 2 parts
To come and interrupt something to change what happens
A word that is added to join two parts of a sentence
Something made to come and stop something from happening
A point in time
A small creature usually 'cut' into 3 parts - head, thorax and abdomen
To cut into different parts