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Algebra Review Puzzle #4

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Algebra Teacher: ___________________________
A rate called a ___ is used to make a model of something too large or too small to be convenient at actual size.
The process of carrying units throughout a computation.
A rule for the relationship between certain quantities.
An equation stating that two ratios are equal.
In 0.2:1.5=1.2:9.0 the 1.5 and 1.2 are called the ___. They are the middle terms of the proportion.
The sum of the product of the units and the value per unit divided by the sum of the number of units.
If the new number is less than the original number the percent of change is a percent of ____.
An equation that involves several variables is called a formula or ____ equation.
A comparison of two numbers by division.
A rate that tells how many of one item is being compared to 1 of another item.