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The Science of Nature

Theory that all matter consists of atoms
A statement, based on a hypothesis, about a condition that should exist if the hypothesis is correct
Sampling _______ is a difference between results obtained from a subset, and results from the whole
__________ group is the set of individuals that have a certain characteristic or receive a certain treatment
_____ of nature is a generalization that describes a consistent natural phenomenon for which there is incomplete scientific explanation
Statistically ________ refers to a result that is statistically unlikely to have occurred by chance alone
Critical __________ is the deliberate process of judging the quality of information before accepting it
Scientific ________ is a hypothesis that has not been disproven after many years of rigorous testing
Plate _________ occurs when earth's crust is cracked into pieces that move in relation to one another
Prejudice in favor or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair
Global _______ is caused by human activities causing Earth's average temperature to increase
Analogous system used for testing hypotheses
__________ group is the set of identical individuals to the experiment group except for one independent variable: the characteristic or the treatment being tested
Testable explanation of
Is the measure, expressed as a percentage, of the chance that a particular outcome will occur
The test or experiment results are called
theory that all organisms consists of one or more _____(s), the ______ is the basic unit of life, and all _______(s) arise from existing ______(s)
Test designed to support or falsify a prediction
Is the change that occurs in the inherited trait of a population over generations
Characteristics or events that can differ among individuals over time
The systematic study of the observable world and how it works
Big ____ theory states that the universe originated with an explosion and continues to expand