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Ancient Greece

Author of the first geometry book.
A group of nine goddesses who presided over the arts.
Greek philosopher and teacher who asked his students thought-provoking questions.
An oligarchy was this city-state's only type of government.
A ruler with absolute authority.
The ____________ age of Greece began in 500 BC.
Father of Medicine.
A government ruled by a few people.
The spread of Greek culture brought a common ________ to the Western world.
Greek slave who wrote fables.
The men were educated and allowed to participate in the Assembly.
The women were rarely seen in public and rarely worked outside the home.
A government ruled by a king.
A traditional story about gods and goddesses.
The Bible teaches that it is impossible to live a godly life without the power of the (two words)_____ _____.
Greek philosophers emphasized many of the same __________ that the Bible does.
A story designed to teach a lesson.
The men were taught from a very young age to fight, steal, and protect themselves.
Greek philosopher who introduced the scientific method.
Poet who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.
Greek philosopher who believed the spiritual world was superior to the physical world.
The whole society revolved around building and maintaining its army.