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Plant Crossword

Special structure found on underside of a leaf
Structure found in a plant cell that provides extra support
Opening on bottom of leaf that allows for gas exchange
Found on the stamen
Tiny grain that contains two nuclei
Amount of water found in a plant is measured as this
Unique part of plant sexual reproduction
Part of photosynthesis that makes the sugar; light _______________
Concept of water being attracted to water
Made in photosynthesis
Process of water being evaporated into the environment from a plant
Type of tissue on any plant where growth occurs
Type of vascular tissue that flows from the roots up to the plant
Part of plant between the roots and leaves
Special organelle in plant cells allowing photosynthesis
Part of a woody stem that shows age
Part of a woody stem that contains the xylem
Layer in a leaf with very packed, vertical cells
Type of vascular tissue that flows from the leaves down to the roots
Required for photosynthesis to occur
Fluid carried throughout a plant; necessary for their survival
Structure that allows for sexual reproduction in a plant
Type of hormone that promotes fruit ripening
Process in plants that allows for life to be sustained on earth
Made in sexual reproduction in plants; contains a plant embryo
Causes plants to grow according to its placement with regards to the force of gravity
Name for a seed with one cotyledon
Part of plant that absorbs nutrients and water from soil